Week 12

Week 12, our final week of this module, it means one week till exams and 3 weeks till Christmas. The semester has gone fast, it does not feel like 12 weeks. I’ve learnt a lot especially in this module. This week in class we discussed additional tools like ePub, Sigil, Calibre, Scrivener and IFITT.

EPUB is an open-source format for electronic book publication. An ebook is made up of a file containing several other files stored together using the common zip format. this format means that your ebook can be read on different types of readers.

Sigil is free open-source EPUB creation program available for Mac and PC. It is also very easy to use.


iBooks Author 


Project Gutenberg



Scrivener: is a commercial word-processing program designed for writers. it provides a management system fro documents and notes. it allows you to keep track of notes, concepts, research and documents for reference.

We were also shown some additional tools for this website, WordPress, a free cloud hosted blog. WordPress.org has a downloadable web app that allows you to control your blog on your own hosting account. .com is hosted by wordpress, and .org requires your own hosting.

IFITT: Allows you to add your public and social media accounts to Channels. Which allows you to get them to interact via Recipes.

Overall I have found this module very beneficial and have learnt a lot, while also expanding my knowledge on the different aspects of certain websites, and photography. I would recommend this module to others as it is different to other modules I’ve taken. You do not just write an essay and then do an exam at the end. Its a lot more hands on, and you are able to get more involved. It is definitely a module that the more effort you make, the more you learn.

Here is where you can view my projects from the past semester:



Photo portfolio



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