Week 11

This week we learnt about ways to optimise our site for Social Media. Today there are many Social Media websites that are availabe to us, some used more than others. These sites can be used as promotional tools. This week we learnt about how to integrate social media with our blogs and using our blogs as a Social Hub.

Social Media allows 2-way communication that allows everyone to broadcast news/information and to be an audience to it. Social media allows people to get more involved. It is User Driven, transparent, engaging, inclusive and sincere. ‘Social Media is a Conversation’.

Social Media sites can provide many different roles. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook, are useful for publicity, customer service/engagement, loyalty and community building. Wikis and blogs allow for collaboration, Linked-in helps with networking and Thought-leadership.

They can also be used to promote yourself or your products, create and share content. They can help drive traffic to your website, distribute special offers, competitions. it allows for instant feedback, raising brand awareness and building a mailing-list.

Tips for audience engagement: 

  • Register with all social media services your audience uses.
  • Promote your webpages, new posts, products and services socially.
  • Respond to comments on your feeds in a timely manner.
  • Friend or Follow anyone who can grow your social network.
  • Use Facebook’s Like function to support all efforts by compatible others.
  • Listen to your audience and feedback findings into feature content and structure.
  • Observer 2 for them, 1 for me rule with social media posts.
  • Add prominent ‘friend or follow me’ and ‘share this’ options to your webpage.

Content (InBound) Marketing

  • Use your blog as a hub from which to share
  • post quality content to website or blog
  • share content from blog to Social Media
  • Social Channels spread message via Likes
  • Or the Content is found through search
  • Clicking on the content brings new traffic back to your site ( So there must Always be link back to your site from Social Media Posts)

You want to ensure that you are engaging with your customers, raising awareness of your brand/site, increasing your search ability. Use Social Media to complement promotional Campaign, encourage word of Mouth and Spread News about your work.

Build a Social Media Plan and stick to it:

  1. Set a goal for the season.
  2. Set short, medium and long term goals
  3. Starting with your mission statement write a short 3 sentence about who you are and what you do now.
  4. What are you working on right now, what research are you doing, what inspires you?
  5. Brainstorm-make lists of words, phrases and ideas that relate to this.
  6. Test these words and phrases in the keyword research tools, modify terms to match search.
  7. Match your language to your audiences language
  8. Share fun or thought provoking items through your Social media.
  9. 2:1- 2 related social shares to 1 more promotional share
  10. All shares, posts, tweets and even email have to link back to your wordpress site blog or shop to drive traffic to your site.

Social Media Campaigns


– A goal to achieve

– A story to tell

– A way of measuring success


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