Week 6

This week marks the midpoint of the semester, and this week we covered the topic of Digital photo editing . There are many different softwares, apps, websites that are available to you now days for editing images. With this software you can crop, rotate, retouch, correct, resize and optimise images.


Photoshop was made by Adobe systems and it is a graphics editing software. Photoshop however is quite pricey, but they do deals for students and photographers. They also allow you to pay monthly rather than one lump sum.


GIMP is a free downloadable software that is available online. It is a open source GNU Image Manipulation Program.  It allows to do edit images also, and has a lot of the features that photoshop does. Although people complain that its user interface is complicated to figure out and use, but there are ways to set it up so that its layout is like Photoshop.


Pixlr is an online image editing website. It allows you to edit your images through your browser, by uploading them to the site. It has a easy to use layout and doesn’t involve having to pay or downloading any software.


Picasa is a Google made program, that you can download for free, to edit, organise or share your images. In class we went through the process of how to edit an image with this software, and it appears to be simple enough. The layout is easy to follow, and understand and tools are easy to use.

We were also told about Batch processing, which allows to apply an effect that you used on one image to another or all of your images.

For our lab this week we had to choose a challenge from ReTouchPro‘s list of photo restoration challenges, and use one of the photo editing softwares to fix the image. I chose GIMP to do this, as I had downloaded this software a while ago but never got around to using it. I took this opportunity to test it out.

Here is the image I chose to edit and the image after I edited it:

Before:                                                       After:

PhotoRestorationChallenge     PhotoRestChallengeafter

I didn’t want to distort the image too much, so I kept it simple, and just used the retouch tool to get rid of the stains and scratches. I then adjusted the colour of the image to make it look a bit cleaner. I liked using GIMP and found it quite easy to navigate once I figured out what each tool did.






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