Week 5

This week we talked about publishing our podcasts. We discussed the different platforms where we could do this, such as PodOmatic, and submitting it to iTunes.

We were also shown how to validate our RSS file and how to make sure our links to podcasts work. Feed Validator is a useful way of checking your that your RSS file has no errors. We were encouraged to test it out first.


For my Podcast I decided to read two poems, the first by Philip Larkin, titled ‘The Whitsun Weddings’, and the second by Seamus Heaney, called ‘Bogland’. These are two of my favourite poems. Generally Seamus Heaney is one of my favourite poets, but I really enjoyed Philip Larkin’s poetry when we studied it for the Leaving Cert. I used Audacity to help me make the recording, I then uploaded it too PodOmatic.

Here is my Podcast:

RSS: http://is30240podcast.podomatic.com/rss2.xml 

For our Photo task this week we had to demonstrate how shifting between portrait and Landscape can benefit the image using a before and after shot. I chose to take a picture of this tree outside the student centre on the UCD campus, first I used a landscape view, but It cut off the top of the tree. So I changed it to portrait and I was able to get he the full tree into the image.

(Photos taken with my iPhone)

Before using Landscape:







FullSizeRender 2





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