Week 2

This week we learnt about page layout and how to create a website or blog page so that it is presented in the most eye-catching and pleasing way. We learnt about the Laws of Gestalt, which is the layout of a web pages elements in a meaningful way for the users.

Individual menu items should be displayed close together, this refers to the Law of Proximity, Objects on a webpage should share a common shape, this is the Law of Similarity/Symmetry.

Overall a webpage should be clear, easy to follow, read and navigate. One example of website that I like and find very easy to navigate and pleasing to look at, is the Apple website. In my opinion it is very clear, sharp and professional looking. I like the use of the large pictures of their products, and to the point paragraphs about the products.



The navigation bar at the top makes the website easy to navigate and shows the signs of the law of proximity. I also noticed that the website seems to use the law of uniform connectedness, as most of the objects on the page are bound within a common shape, a rectangle.

The main thing I learnt this week was that a webpage should be clear, logical, persistent, consistent and consider the Gestalt Laws.


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